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We are a bricklayer/brick mason providing brickwork and brick masonry services in South & Central Jersey (Mercer Burlington & Middlesex County NJ).

Brick Masonry is construction in which uniform bricks small enough to be placed with one hand are laid in courses. Good bricklaying procedure depends on good workmanship and efficiency, doing the brickwork with the fewest possible motions but yet making sure that the work is done properly. Each motion should have a purpose and should accomplish a definite result.

CWC Masonry has five generations of experience in bricklaying and brickwork. Our grandson will be the seventh generation. With our expertise, skill, and attention to detail, we will get the job done and you will be pleased with our efficiency and excellent work.

We serve Central Jersey & South Jersey (Mercer County NJ, Burlington County NJ, Middlesex County NJ) and Bucks County PA
CWC Masonry, LLC, Hamilton, NJ 08620. Phone 609-585-1102.
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